My paintings are a sensual exploration of paint as a material.

I use a mixture of industrial paint, oil pigment and resin which I pour onto a horizontal canvas. I then tilt this to allow the paint to move, in a viscous flow, across the surface. The painting is left to dry allowing gravity and time to act on the material. Each element reacts to the others, as chemical processes cause them to repel, resulting in surfaces which are complex and unexpected. It is the unpredictable nature of this process which fascinates me, as I balance my own intentions with the action of the paint itself.

When I return to the painting the changes which have occurred provide the visual cue which prompts the next pour. It is a dynamic relationship which combines experience, reflection, response and then action. Each painting is unique point, and acts as a trace, a stage in the recording of this process. Although the intention is to create abstract forms the results, almost fractal at times, produce images which suggest organic forms. They seem to replicate natural phenomena, suggesting the possibility of cell structures or external body shapes. Others have the quality of a landscape undergoing slow transformations into glacial layers or rock strata.

The white space of the canvas is an important element, giving a ground from which these forms emerge and float. The work focuses both on the aesthetic pleasure that paint offers and, by allowing the material to be an equal agent in determining composition, also questions the formal concerns of abstraction. But finally, with their invitation to reach out and touch, they are a celebration of the seductive nature of the painted surface itself.