“Jayne Jones is an artist who has a strong focus on the importance of process and materials in painting, exploring the relationship between the organic and the man-made and what the role of the artist is in negotiating the two. Her paintings lay her process bare in allowing the paint to describe how the natural phenomena of gravity & time can interrupt, undermine or sometimes underpin the painter’s task. While her practice is strongly indebted to important figures in abstraction such as Ian Davenport and Morris Louis, Jayne Jones articulates these references with a very feminine, and sometimes sensual, undercurrent that makes her work distinctive – many of the more figurative suggestions that seem to randomly appear as a result of her process seems to cohere around ideas of womanhood, which in turn makes an initially impersonal approach to painting seem extremely personal and private. In this respect her work contributes to the canon of process painting, which is a result of her sustained commitment to experimentation and exploration in the medium.”

James Freeman Gallery | Islington, London

“The experimental drive of Jayne Jones’ work stems from her interest in material processes that involve chance and unpredictable outcomes. The behaviour of the paint under the relatively traditional circumstances provided by stretched canvas, is peculiarly volatile. There is no defined point of rest; no point where what was liquid eventually becomes fixed…”

David Sweet | Experiments in Painting (essay)

“Whilst the paint is the main story within these works, it is the white space around the paint that allows it to declare it’s materiality, making the viewer aware of edges and layers where the paint declares its part in the making of the work.

Stef Mitchell | Duckett & Jeffreys Gallery, Malton